Faber Surprisingly in Line for Title Shot

After literally one minute of UFC action since 2016, Urijah Faber is now reportedly in line for a title shot. Cejudo had a few digs at Faber on Twitter, to which Faber responded and seemed to win that mini battle.While it may be a nice storyline, the fact is that Faber shouldn’t be anywhere near the title conversation. Cejudo’s next fight should be at Flyweight against the very deserving Joseph Benavidez.


Juan Adams Calls Hardy a ‘Bully’

Juan Adams certainly isn’t worried about his fight with Greg Hardy on Saturday night. The charismatic Heavyweight believes Hardy has handpicked easy opponents to make it to this main event.

Adams thinks he is far and away the toughest opponent Hardy is faced and the stats back this claim up. Either way, I expect a very tense bout here between two men that are incredibly athletic and powerful.

Dos Anjos vs Edwards Looms as Excellent Main Event

After what seemed like a dull card on paper last week, Rafael dos Anjos vs Leon Edwards seems like an excellent fight. The two men are both very much in contention for a Welterweight title shot and could very much do with a win here.

Dos Anjos is a former Lightweight champion with an impeccable record, while Edwards has a very stellar 17-3 record. The sportsbooks have given Edwards the early edge here but I can really see this fight going either way.