One of the best things about betting on MMA is the abundance of lucrative MMA bonus offers. If utilized correctly, these can add a ton of value to your bottom line and turn you into a profitable MMA bettor.

What a lot of people don’t realize is just how high the value of a new customer is to sportsbooks. Given that most sportsbooks have a significant edge over the average bettor, they can often make thousands of dollars over the life of a customer’s account.

As such, they don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars upfront to entice this customer. If they’ve got a good product, they know they can easily make this money back over the long term.

That said, this is great for serious MMA bettors as it means there are essentially thousands of dollars in free money that is very easy to obtain. I’ll now go through some of the top MMA bonus offers and how you can take advantage of them.

Despite being a relatively new sportsbook, has quickly emerged as one of the premier options for MMA bettors. They offer a diverse range of MMA markets, fast payouts, and a lucrative sign-up offer.

If you make a first deposit of up to $1000, you’ll receive a 50% bonus up to $500. You can use this as an MMA bonus, but it isn’t limited to use on only one sport.

One of the better things about this bonus is that there is only a 10x rollover, significantly lower than the industry standard of 15x. This means that it’ll be much easier for you to withdraw and there will be less risk on your end.

From an MMA betting perspective, it’s tough to beat the job that does. Especially for the main UFC fight cards, they’ve got an awesome selection of exotic markets.

You’ll find markets on the moneyline, total number of rounds, method of victory and what round the victory will occur in. Combine this market selection with a very solid $500 in bonus bets and you’re onto a winner.

Founded in 2011, has quickly become a favorite for serious MMA bettors. They do a fantastic job of catering to North American sports, making UFC betting particularly enticing.

Their range of promotional offers is among the best in the industry, starting with a 100% matched deposit up to $500. This is arguably even better than the offer as you only need to make the $500 initial investment.

The 10x rollover requirements are also very good, beating the 15x you will have to endure in most places. You won’t even need to meet certain requirements or provide a specific code to get the bonus; it is open to everyone. The best part is that these are cash bonuses, which provide a lot more value than free play bonuses.

Where manages to set themselves apart is their bonus options after the first deposit. This starts with a lucrative second deposit bonus, which is 50% of your deposit up to $500. This is actually better than the first deposit bonus on many sites, showing just how generous they are.

Moreover, their ongoing promotions are some of the best in the business. These center around North American sports and you’ll usually find a lucrative offer for each main UFC card.

The only reason I can’t quite put at the top is that their limits are somewhat low for MMA bettors. While you can get down $25,000 on NFL sides, the limits on MMA fights are only $1000.

That said, if you’re betting $1000 or less each fight, the value on offer here is insane. The lucrative MMA bonus and promotional offers will really help maximize your value.

Another outstanding option for MMA bonus hunters is They are one of the world’s largest sportsbooks, which provides a certain sense of security.

You can expect a diverse range of MMA markets, prompt payouts, and excellent customer service. They don’t cut back on the bonus options either, matching 75% of your first deposit up to $1000.

If you deposit the full $1000, this results in an extra $750 to use, which can really increase your profitability. While the 12x rollover isn’t as good as the previous two sites, it still beats the 15x industry standard.

Importantly, they’ve also got a ton of ongoing promotions that really set them apart from the competition. With almost every big UFC event, you’ll see either a bonus bet or small deposit match offer.

Despite a tenuous legal situation in America, have consistently welcomed American customers. If you like the idea of big limits and a $750 MMA bonus, this is definitely an option for you.

Rather similar to, has made some great strides over the past few years. They have established themselves as one of the premier MMA betting sites and are a great option for US-based bettors.

Although not quite as good as some other sites on this list, their 50% deposit match up to $1000 is still very lucrative. With only a 10x rollover, it definitely beats a lot of the options in this industry.

The MMA bonuses don’t stop there however, with follow-up deposit bonuses and ongoing promotions. More than just a second deposit bonus, they actually offer reload bonuses on all subsequent deposits.

For every deposit you make, you’ll get a 25% reload bonus for deposits up to $1000. This is incredibly lucrative and ensures that there’s value betting with all year round.

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, the bonuses get even better. Even if you’ve already made your first cash deposit, you still qualify for a 50% bonus on your first crypto deposit up to $1000. It does have a higher 14x rollover but is still very lucrative nonetheless.

As an American based bettor looking for an attractive MMA bonus, it’s tough to top what has on offer. With lucrative bonuses on every deposit, you could make thousands of dollars over the life of your account.


Having been one of the best sportsbooks for US bettors in recent years, Bovada is definitely deserving of being on this list. They offer a great selection of markets, fast payouts, and excellent odds.

Admittedly, their MMA bonus isn’t necessarily as good as the other sites on this list. You’ll receive a 50% deposit bonus up to $250, which only needs to be rolled over 3x.

If you’re also into cryptocurrency, you can also get an even better deposit offer. Bovada offers a 50% bonus for the first Bitcoin deposit to your account up to $500. Combine both of these and you’re getting a $375 bonus with minimal rollover, which is definitely solid.

Offering limits of $5000 on UFC sides, Bovada is also a strong option for heavy bettors. They’ve remained consistent throughout a tenuous American legal situation and can be trusted by US bettors going forward. If you’re after a reliable sportsbook with good deposit offers and bonuses, this is the spot for you.

Making the Most of Your MMA Bonuses

While these offers can definitely be very lucrative, a lot of it falls on your ability to maximize their value. From our experience, there are two main ways that you can do this.

Utilizing Your Edge

If you’re already a significantly profitable MMA bettor, the best thing for you is to simply use the bonus bets the same way as your initial deposit. You’ve already shown that you can beat the market, so this extra money will just act as a bankroll buffer.

By signing up to these sites alone, you’ll be able to earn an extra $2500 in bonus bets. As long as you’re a break even MMA bettor over a large sample, you should be able to roll this $2500 over and withdraw it as pure profit.

Matched Betting

An alternative option to guarantee a profit from your MMA bonus is matched betting. Essentially, this involves making a bet at the sportsbook and then ‘matching’ this with the opposite bet at a betting exchange like Betfair.

For example, you’ve created an account on and plan to use your bonus betting Max Holloway to win. You can match this by ‘laying’ Max Holloway (betting him not to win) on Betfair. Since you’re playing with free sportsbook money, you’re guaranteed to make a profit regardless of the result.

Once all rollover requirements are completed, you can typically profit around 70% of the sportsbook deposit bonus. Given that we’re getting around $2500 from these 5 sportsbooks alone, this is a relatively easy way to clear $1750.

If you’re extremely confident in your ability to bet the MMA profitably, this might not be the method for you. That said, if you’ve got some capital and are looking for relatively risk-free profits, this is the advised way to handle your MMA bonus