If you want to be a profitable UFC bettor, it is imperative that you consistently get the best UFC odds. The odds can fluctuate wildly between different sportsbooks, making a huge difference to your bottom line.

As with most sports, betting on the UFC is a game of margins. Changing the odds just a few cents each way could be the difference between being a profitable bettor and consistently losing money.

Sportsbooks will only put up odds at levels where they believe they can still be profitable. As bettors, it is our job to consistently find the best odds and minimize the edge the sportsbooks have.

Failing to do this is simply leaving money on the table and could cost you dearly over the long term. Here are a few things you should do to maximize your chance of getting the best UFC odds each time.

Create Accounts with Multiple Different Sportsbooks

In today’s day and age, you simply can’t be relying on one sportsbook. Particularly with a very popular sport like the UFC, having multiple sportsbook accounts is a necessity to maximize your profitability.

By having multiple different sportsbook accounts, you’ll open yourself up to a ton more markets. Not all sportsbooks can put up hundreds of different markets for each UFC fight, making it difficult to find an edge sometimes. However, having accounts on multiple sites allows you to spot market inefficiencies and bet accordingly.

While there is no optimal number of accounts to have, a good minimum to keep in mind is 3-5 active sportsbook accounts. From there, you can enjoy lucrative sign-up bonuses and narrow down the best UFC sportsbooks.

Check the Odds on Each Site Before Your Bet

Having accounts on multiple sites is great, but there’s no point if you aren’t checking all the odds before you place a bet. Even if you find an acceptable number at one site, chances are there could be something better elsewhere.

A large part of becoming a profitable bettor, in general, is by only acting when the odds are most in your favor. If you check all the sportsbook accounts you have before making a bet, you can ensure that you get the best odds each time.

As we outlined above, a few cents each way can make a huge difference on your overall profitability. Don’t be the guy that becomes a losing MMA bettor solely because he isn’t getting the best odds.

Diligently checking all these odds before betting only takes a few minutes and is a great habit to build. From this, you can identify a few sportsbooks that consistently provide the best UFC odds.

You can then make these your main sites and put most of your bankroll on there. With the high competition in the gambling industry, there is likely to always be good options for savvy bettors.

Check Line Movements Before Betting

While the above two steps will ensure you get the best UFC odds at the time of betting, there is another important part of the equation. UFC odds are known for shifting significantly in the lead up to fight night. To be a profitable UFC bettor, you want to ensure that you get the best possible odds throughout this period.

A great way to do this is by checking the line movements on a site like covers.com before betting. Even if you’re on the sportsbook with the best odds, you may not be getting the best of the number.

As an example, you’ve decided to bet Conor McGregor at -180. You check all of your sportsbook accounts and this is the best price available. However, as you take a look at the line history, you realize he was just -160 at most places a week ago.

This means that you’re getting a much worse number and can impact on your long-term profitability. If the odds go significantly against you, it might be best to wait for a potential shift the other way before betting. If the odds never shift back in your favor, you’re usually best off avoiding the bet altogether.

Analyze Public Trends

Like all marketplaces, the betting market can shift significantly depending on the actions of its users. When dealing with UFC betting, a ton of action on one particular fighter may see his odds drop significantly.

As a savvy MMA bettor, you can actually profit significantly from this if you know what you’re doing. Using my previous example, you’ve noticed that Conor McGregor’s odds keep shortening.

The likely reason for this is that the majority of the public is backing him. You go back to covers.com and see that 75% of the action has come in on McGregor. This means that the odds are only likely to worsen from this point.

If you’re keen on McGregor in this fight, now is the time to bet as you won’t get better odds. Alternatively, if you like his opponent, you can keep waiting up until fight night where the odds will likely improve. As you can see, utilizing these public trends can really help maximize your profitability.


Use the Best UFC Sportsbooks

Most importantly, if you want to regularly get the best UFC odds, you need to be using the best UFC sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks allocate a ton more resources to the UFC, making them much more lucrative for bettors.

Before you commit to any particular sportsbook, you want to see what they’ve got to offer. A good test would be to see where their UFC odds rank compared to the competition before a big fight.

If their odds are relatively poor and they don’t have a great sign-up bonus, you’re probably best off finding somewhere else. Fast payouts, a diverse range of markets, and strong online reviews are all important additional factors to consider. With so many options out there, it can be tough to find the best sportsbooks for UFC bettors. That said, the following sites continue to consistently provide the best UFC odds on the market:


If you’re looking to get the best UFC odds on a consistent basis, you’ll need a bet DSI account. Having been a strong presence in the wagering game for over two decades, they’re particularly good for UFC bettors. They have one of the lowest spreads on UFC fights in the industry, minimizing their edge and giving bettors a chance. If you’re already a profitable UFC bettor, getting these better odds will further increase your profitability.

You’ll also enjoy one of the more lucrative sign up bonuses in the industry with Bet DSI, a 200% deposit match up to a total of $1000. They also have reload and casino offers, making them that much more lucrative of an option.

Their loyalty program also rewards top players with Bet Points that can be cashed in for bonus bets and other prizes. Combine this with a diverse range of markets, great odds, and prompt payouts and you’re onto a winner.

Pinnacle Sports

Having a reputation for providing the best odds across all sports, it’s no surprise to see Pinnacle feature prominently on this list. In scouring the MMA odds across different sites, they consistently outperform the competition.

They have what is probably the lowest spread in the industry, which is usually 5% each way. They’re a particularly lucrative option if you like betting favorites, consistently providing the best closing price.

As one of the most reliable bookmakers around, UFC isn’t necessarily the only priority for Pinnacle. They offer some of the top limits in major sports leagues across the world, making them an attractive option for heavy bettors.

Perhaps most importantly, Pinnacle is renowned for not limiting successful bettors. They actually like this sharp action as it helps them to price their lines more efficiently.

The only reason I don’t have Pinnacle atop this list is that they aren’t the most lucrative from a sign up bonus perspective. That said, if all you care about is consistently getting the best UFC odds, this is the spot for you.


Although not as large as the previous two sites listed, sportbet.com is a site consistently amongst the best UFC odds. They offer a ton of action as well, providing an online casino, bingo, lottery, and poker options. I’ve found their odds particularly lucrative for underdogs, often offering some of the highest in the industry. If you’re planning to sign up to each of these sites, a good plan of attack could be backing favorites on Pinnacle and underdogs on Sportbet.

A major plus about Sportbet is the sheer volume of UFC markets you’re able to bet on. They’ve got a great selection of markets including straight bets, totals, the method of victory, and the round of victory.

While it may not be as high profile as some others, they’re still very reliable in terms of payouts. Especially if you’re also into casino, bingo, or poker games, this could definitely be a spot for you.